Why it is important that Malala won the Nobel Prize

When I first heard the story of Malala – a few years ago now – I had the confirmation of something I had always thought: what terrorists and criminals fear the most is education.

Why is it so? I asked myself this question many times, coming from a place where every institution is infiltrated with corruption and organized crime, and the answer I found was connected to my path as I was growing up, but most of all to my education.

The more I learned about the World and people – I don’t mean just facts-knowledge or book knowledge – the more I found my soul shaping and becoming more polished. The study of literature and art – both classical and modern – made me become more sensible to human mind and what’s behind it. History taught me that in war there is no winner, but we all loose, and how every action or decision will result in consequences. I simply learnt to think critically, to have my opinion and not be afraid to express it, whomever I am talking to. Education, school, my family gave me independent thought.

That is what terrorists and criminal organization are afraid of. People that think with their minds, who are aware of what is right and are not afraid to say it.

Malala knew it and she also knew the importance – especially for young girls – to receive an education. She lived in a place where is still hard to battle against traditions that want young girls married by a young age.

She didn’t just have to fight traditions rooted into people minds, she had also to fight terrorists, who know that their power can end if people start opening up their mind to knowledge and using independent thought. They are well aware of this risk, that’s why they attempt to murder a young girl.

Malala has been praised many times for good reasons and we have to continue praising her work, because while we are in our comfortable houses, allowed to have an opinion on everything, somewhere in the World there is someone that is oppressed by the system and deprived of every human right.

They didn’t do something to deserve that, it was just mere fortuity. It was just luck the fact that I was born in Italy and not in Pakistan. I am free to do and say whatever I want, to challenge every doctrine because my State grants me this right. I know its value, we should all know it. That is why we should fight until our last breadth so that every single person on this Earth has the right to do so.

What Nobel Price for Peace teaches us this year is that we shouldn’t underestimate the power of education and the immeasurable return it gives to our community.

Countries and government keep investing on younger generations, educate them, because they represent the future. In this way we all can be Malala and grant a better future to the next generation.